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Client Spotlight: Lorelei’s Story

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Many years ago when I first started coaching people towards healthy living I was a very different type of coach. I would get over-excited to help my clients reach their goals and I pushed them much harder than I do now (don’t dismiss me for still being tough on my clients though). I thought that because they were paying me to help them reach the pinnacle of their health goals that they were ready to do ALL that was needed to be done to reach those goals. They were officially in the action phase of change so let’s take full advantage of your time, effort and energy and change it all!

After a few years, I noticed that my personal training clients were ready to do just about anything I asked them to do in a PT session but when it came to changing their diet many were not as diligent to make the necessary changes they needed to in order to see the successes that they wanted. I learned that just because they were ready to attempt standing on a ball on one foot with a heavy weight overhead that didn’t mean that they were ready to let go of the eating habits that they held closer to their heart than their weakened leg muscles.

After all in this day and age it is much more uncomfortable to change your food than your fitness. Food is everywhere, food is necessity and so much of the food around us is so bad for us yet so very addicting with chemicals and all kinds of scary things in them. The last thing most clients wanted to give up or change was the only thing they had control of in their life despite it being the biggest problem to their health.

After a lot of pushing and a lot of disappointment I finally learned that no matter how much I wanted my clients to change their lifestyles or their diet or exercise regimen they were only going to do it when they were ready. There was nothing that I could do to make them fire all the cylinders of living healthy despite my endless speeches on the fact that “you cannot out exercise a poor diet”.

Well Lorelei was no different. I have waited several years to write this story and I can hardly believe that I’m finally doing it. I truly could not be prouder of her than I am today. Lorelei has been a client of Whole Health Elements from the beginning. She and her husband Bruce started doing in-home personal training two to three days a week to achieve the goals of getting healthier, stronger, more flexible, to lose weight and stay accountable to regular exercise through an ability appropriate exercise routine. Lorelei had chronic low back pain, a bum knee and a very intense travel schedule all across the globe for her job. This certainly made things more challenging for her for a few years as we all know how difficult it is to travel and stay healthy.

In college Lorelei was a contender on her crew team, she was a natural to the sport but hung up her oar shortly after college. When she started working with us she never thought that she would be in good enough shape or injury free enough to return to crew. Over the years we pushed Lorelei out of her comfort zone and she willingly followed our lead as the very coachable person that she is. Believing in the process of health and healing Lorelei added on regular massage therapy sessions, some nutrition coaching sessions, metabolic testing and even some outside help from our recommended chiropractors.

Three years ago after getting stronger, more flexible and fit, I encouraged Lorelei to return to her sport of crew as there was a local Masters team available. She was ready to be pushed a little more and had gotten bored with the same goals (which almost always happens when weight loss is the goal!). She ventured out, made the team and was yet again, a contender. So far with each passing crew season I have to work harder to reign Lorelei in from playing so hard that she doesn’t injure herself but not much stops this woman from showing up. Just this year her and her team became US Rowing Masters National Champions too!

To top things off, in April of this year Lorelei started preparing for the 2014 crew season and realized that she needed to make one final change in her health and she was READY to do it. She needed to change her diet. She began an elimination diet of all breads, processed foods, sugar and sweeteners and has lost 26 pounds. Her doctor was shocked at how great her recent routine blood work had revealed her recent dietary changes. She has more energy, sleeps better, performs better and is the happiest that I have ever seen her. She just celebrated her 50th birthday and without a doubt, she makes 50 look FABULOUS.

Lorelei, the entire Whole Health Elements team could not be happier for you and all of your successes. Thank you for allowing us to serve you, teach you, guide you and witness your transformations along the way of your awesome journey!

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