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Happy & Healthier People

It’s been 5 years since I first started working with Monica and Whole Health Elements.  Monica leads by example and is a strong role model. She is always supportive, patient, and positive. There are times when I feel ashamed about my lack of progress, but once I check in with Monica, I realize she knows that life is an obstacle and she is ready to help me move forward. Her philosophy about being patient and taking baby steps toward wellness is effective.  


Five years ago when I went through Metabolic Typing & Functional Nutrition coaching with Monica, I thought it was madness for her to suggest that I minimize the grains in my diet. Over the next few years, it became clear as day to me that I needed to eliminate grains from my diet. Over and over I find myself saying, oh, Monica told me this years ago!  I love having her professional guidance on a regular basis.

Victoria Cortes

I graduated from Lynchburg College back in 2017.  While there, I had a very successful basketball career thanks to hard work, dedication, a passion to be great, and help from a bunch of people along the way.

One of those people being Mrs. Monica Kuebler.


I began working with Monica for a handful of reasons, but the biggest was that I was just sick and tired of constantly being in pain. It got to the point where I couldn’t even remember the last time I played a game without fighting through some sort of injury or lingering pain. Thankfully, I picked the game up at a very young age and had practiced and practiced for so long, that my 85% was better than most people’s 100%. Nonetheless, I wasn’t satisfied.


I was able to finish out my high school career as the third-leading scorer in school history but was disappointed to receive not one Division 1 basketball scholarship. This made me so mad that it lit a burning fire inside of me to push harder and harder to prove the doubters wrong.  But the more I pushed, the more my body suffered.


It was my sophomore year at Lynchburg that I decided I needed to make a change. I had missed numerous practices because of patella tendinitis, I missed multiple games because I had an ankle subluxation and had to sit out scrimmages because of lower back pain. Thankfully my mom said she knew someone, and as I’m sure you can guess, that someone was Monica.


I began working with Monica that summer, and the results came immediately.  After our first session my body already felt better, and it only went uphill from there. Of course, I was skeptical at first, like any kid would be, but as time went on I began to trust her more. And man does my body thank me for it.


I took what she taught me and brought it back to school with me. Foam rolling, stretching, functional movements, pliability, core work, nutrition, and recovery.  From there my next two years took off. My knee pain was completely gone, my body felt stronger and more stable, and I finally unlocked that 100%. I received First Team All-Conference honors after my junior year, and then went on to average 21.5 PPG my senior year and was named Conference Player of the Year and Second Team All-American.  This past month, they retired my jersey number and have a banner hanging in the rafters.


Would I have been able to accomplish all of this while fighting off injury after injury?  I mean who knows, but the odds are unlikely.  So, thank you Monica, for teaching me how to take care of my body, for correcting my imbalances, and for crafting a functional human being who can now get out of bed in the morning without aching all over.


And while I thought I was already too broken and it was just too late, it is indeed never too late to change. So shoot her an e-mail, trust the process, and unlock your 100%. You’ll thank yourself later.

Zack Burnett

Through the 7-Day Detox program, I became very aware of how bad my eating habits were.

Quite honestly, I really wasn’t paying attention to anything other than staying away from gluten and sodas.


I now realize I was eating too many things that are bad for me and therefore my appetite was never satisfied. Even though I have only been eating this new way for 9 days, I feel so much better and I have a much better outlook on getting healthy. I am so thankful to Monica for providing me with an instruction manual and support!

Julie Kieffer

I love all the seasons for the gifts they bring but autumn is in my favorite.  The colors are so beautiful and I look forward to covering up with blankets, sitting by the fire and reading a good book.  This doesn’t happen often but when it does, I really appreciate it.   That is the other thing I like about Fall, it really does remind me to pause for a moment as friends and families gather and I count my blessings.   I am grateful for many people, animals and ‘things’ in my life.   As I reflect back on this year, I have new gratitude….my body. Trust me, this is a first for me!   It isn’t as heavy as it was last year, it doesn’t ache or teeter-totter on curbs and it is much stronger and straighter than previous years.

My body now willingly responds to my demands on it to carry 15 shopping bags at once or run up and downstairs 10 times because I keep forgetting things or simply go through an entire day of sitting at a desk without screaming at me all night long.  I am surprised by this because I expected to progressively get weaker, achier and tired as I aged.

A friend recommended Whole Health Elements a little over a year ago because I wanted to add strength training to my treadmill routine so my arms would look better.  I was so naïve – who knew we had a core or that you had to do balance exercises now so you don’t fall and break your hip 20 years from now or that your head was going to fall forward and bend you like a cane????  

I’ve learned so much about my body and diet this year.  I look forward to my training sessions and can honestly say they have changed my life in a very positive way.  They are hard work and I am always full of excuses of why Monica needs to take it easy on me ‘this week’.  Fortunately, she smiles and doesn’t listen to me and I learn that I am physically capable of much more than I ever knew and it makes me feel very good about myself.  I like that.  So, as I count my blessings and Whole Health Elements is on the top of my list and yes, my arms do look better but who really cares – I feel great!

Connie Theroux

Before the 7-Day Detox program, I thought to detox involved cutting food out altogether. Being hypoglycemic, I can’t function without proper protein. With the whole food detox, I ate healthy plant-based protein and honestly didn't miss the meat.


I never felt hungry. I lost 3 lbs and had increased energy. Monica provides all of the info you need to succeed on this detox program. I encourage you to try it. Your body will thank you.

Kay Duffield

I have known Monica for about 10 years now. I trust her as one of the few experts I can look to for intelligent and reliable conversation. I have owned a personal training studio since 2009 here in Loudoun County.

Over the years, we have worked together, joined forces, and brainstormed in efforts to help people live healthy and mindful lives through quality fitness and nutrition coaching. Monica has been a constant professional. She had my admiration and respect as a leader in health and fitness coaching. I congratulate her on all she has accomplished and wish her all the best in going forward! 

Watch Brian's video testimonial here

Brian Wright, owner of Workhorse Coaching

Working with Monica has been a great journey for me.  The fitness side has helped my body become stronger week after week.  I have some physical limitations to work around and Monica helped me work around those with no problem.  In addition, I signed up for functional nutrition sessions.  I have to say, I learned more than I ever expected in this area.  I have a wealth of information, tests, lists, and emails.  Food is the area where I have a lot of sensitivity.  This is the first time everything has come together for me.  I plan to sign up for more sessions.  Thanks, Monica!

Joanne O.

I am a senior at the University of Mary Washington and am on the university’s field hockey team where I am a four-year starter and a two-time captain.  As few know but many can guess, playing a collegiate sport is hard work. It takes a lot of dedication, is physically and mentally demanding.

My junior season was the most demanding I had experienced yet. Throughout the season I started to experience pain in my lower back and in both of my knees. Despite working with my athletic trainers, this built up until I had to start sitting out of practices and games. After going to the doctors and not getting a real explanation for my pain, I ended the season frustrated and beaten down. I knew that if I didn’t figure something out, my senior year was going to be a rough one.


My mom had the idea that I should start working with Monica over the summer.  Knowing the great results that my mom and my brother had experienced in the past, I quickly agreed.  After only the first session I felt like I had already learned so much. Like the importance of functional movement, core stabilization, nutrition, and recovery!  As an athlete, I always felt as though I wasn’t doing enough if I didn’t train my hardest every single session or if I took too many days off.  After a summer with Monica, I realized how important it is to listen to what my body is telling me, and to adapt my training accordingly. “Train smarter, not harder,” she’d always say to me!

With this in mind, I was able to accomplish a lot with Monica in a short period of time. I learned about the imbalances in my body and how to correct them (I mean, I play a mostly one-sided sport, what did I expect?). I also learned that pain in one spot of your body is almost always a result of a problem somewhere else.  My knee pain? Yeah, not really because of my knees! If I had never learned this, I can’t imagine how frustrated I would’ve been trying to fix something that wasn’t really the problem.


Through a lot of core stabilization and strength training, I was able to correct my imbalances and become more functional in my movements. By the end of the summer, I felt stronger, more stable, and more prepared for my field hockey season than ever before.

And while I learned a lot about exercise, what I valued even more so was all of the nutritional knowledge I gained from Monica. I used to be scared of food because there was so much I didn’t know, but through her 7-Day Detox Program, her meal plans, and just me picking her brain, I have learned how to make smarter and healthier choices when fueling my body. Nutrition is so important not only for athletes, but for everyone, and now I get excited when I’m planning out healthy meals for the week. I am prioritizing my health, and it makes a difference both on and off the field.


I’m a month into my senior season and I would’ve been struggling through each practice and game, each day a battle, if it weren’t for Monica. Thanks to her, however, I am playing pain-free and really feel as though I am optimizing my athletic performance. Trust the process and trust Monica. I am so thankful I did! :)

Mackenzie Burnett

Monica makes working out fun, a key element in motivating people to include daily exercise into a lifestyle change.  She has also shown me the benefits of regular massage, especially when I was pregnant.

Amy G.

I started working with Monica 12 years ago after decades of being unhappy with my weight and fitness level. Since then, she has helped me find and stay on a path to better health – even through having children, recovering from surgery, and going through mid-life hormonal changes.


The reason I continue to work with Monica is Whole Health Elements’ holistic approach. Unlike other health professionals’ one-size-fits-all directions to just eat “better” and exercise more, Monica developed a comprehensive, individualized program based on my personal goals and limitations that included strength training, cardio, balance, flexibility, and nutrition. She listens to my feedback on what is working – and what isn’t – and updates my plan as necessary.


Additionally, Whole Health Elements’ nutrition, metabolic testing, and online personal training services have greatly maximized my program’s effectiveness!

The other thing I love about Whole Health Elements is the positive encouragement.  Monica knows when I need pushed to do one more rep, when I need something explained in more detail, and when I need a high five!


I’ve had ups, downs, and plateaus over the last dozen years, but Monica has been there with me each step of the way and helped me to persist when I encountered unexpected obstacles or was frustrated with my progress. It’s been hard work, but it has all been worth it – I’ve lost nearly 10 pounds and doubled my push-up reps in the last two months alone!!!  I am eager to continue working with Whole Health Elements to meet my health and fitness goals  

Watch Molli’s video testimonial here

Molli L.

I have been an avid runner for 15 years.  I injured my leg training for the 2009 Marine Corps Marathon.  I attempted to run the marathon but had to stop at mile 19 because of the excruciating pain I was experiencing in my lower leg.  I was forced to stop running for the next several months and even had difficulty walking up and down stairs.  


I started going to physical therapy in November and for two and half months and was not making the expected progress that I was hoping for during my sessions.  After months of frustration, I consulted with Monica who recognized my injury immediately and recommended massage therapy.


After the first massage therapy session, the pain in my leg improved.  I was also given exercises to do independently to assist in the healing process.  A few days following the massage I was able to walk up and down the stairs easily and do a few intervals of jogging and walking on the treadmill.  A couple of weeks later, I had a second massage and the area of concern improved tremendously and the pain subsided even more.


A month after the massage therapy and recommended exercises, I am thrilled to say that I am back running and am starting to train for another race.  I have massage therapy and Monica’s encouragement to thank for helping me run again pain-free.

Anne F.

Two months ago I weighed 245-sadly my highest weight ever.  Now I weigh 232 with a loss of 13 pounds.  I would not have this success without Monica!

Jim O.

Monica is helping me change my life.  My 35th birthday was creeping up fast and my lifestyle over the past decade had really taken a toll on my body and soul.  When I wasn’t at the office sitting in a cubicle, I was sitting in the car in traffic or sitting on the couch just trying to unwind from the stress of the daily grind and daily gridlock.  


My kitchen counters were more likely to see the bottom of takeout container or TV dinner box than a real pot or pan.  Over time, the 5-minute walk from my car to my cube turned into a 15-minute walk that left my feet throbbing and my face flushed.  I had grown to more than twice my “ideal” body weight and my lifestyle was in neutral.  When my husband asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I told him I was ready for a new me.  I was tired of sitting on a bench watching everyone else ride the roller coaster and play on the office softball team.


It didn’t take long for me to realize that my journey with Whole Health Elements would be different than all the glitzy “solution in a box or bottle” programs on the market today.  I have a custom program–designed to help me achieve my personal goals—with the flexibility to help me succeed through the “ups and downs” of real life.

I have to admit, this process has not been easy.  The first 5 weeks were mentally, emotionally, and physically challenging, but Monica is always right there for me every time I started to doubt myself.  She reminds me of how committed I was to myself during our first consultation and helps me keep both my short and long term goals in sight.  When Monica sees me struggle or hears me talk about a challenge, she observes and listens carefully, then makes immediate modifications to my program that truly make a difference.


I am ten weeks into the program and in that time, I have walked two 5K events, shrunk nearly 10 inches and lost over 15 pounds.  I have completely changed the way I view food and even see the world around me.  This is just the beginning of my journey, but I want to share with others how change is possible when you have the right tools and the right people to support you.  Whole Health Elements brings all that and more, and I’m thankful every day that I found it.

Kandi K.

Through the 7-Day Detox program, I discovered what food(s) support my system well. I also experienced the powerful impact the management of those foods can have on my overall well being and energy levels.

Laura Toth

I have lost 23 pounds through personal training, metabolic testing, cardio coaching, and several changes to my diet.  I have been walking to work everyday….about 2 miles!  Thank you for working with my husband too, he has lost 18 lbs. and looks really good!

Deb K.

I have been overweight since I was ten years old and as my weight had risen into the mid 300’s after the latest diet failure I had only one option left.  Before I began personal training, I weighed 350 pounds, had 40% body fat and could not do any push-ups.  I was quite embarrassed at my physical condition but decided to make the commitment towards this final effort to lose weight for myself and my family.


Fortunately for me, Monica is both a training expert as well as a nutrition expert.  This was key in my battle to lose weight.  Our sessions consisted of hard work with weights as well as cardiovascular training and a lot of stretching.  However, of equal importance, our sessions consisted of quality nutritional information in turn leading to proper eating habits.

Slowly but surely the changes have come. 


I actually enjoy going to the gym to work out.  The weight has gone and the strength has come.  My eating habits are still balanced and nutritional.  After 18 months of training, I now have 20% body fat, weigh in at 260 pounds and am up to 15+ push-ups.  Through all the hard work and the guidance of my wonderful trainer and coach, I finally feel in control of my weight problems.  After 35 years, my decision to commit to train and do the work required to lose the weight I have tried so many times to lose was most definitely worth it!

Ken A.

Thank you for your participation in the running clinic held recently for the Capitol Hill Running Club.  The clinic was very informative and educational for all who attended.  The important information you communicated on sports nutrition and race preparation provided all those who participated in the clinic the knowledge to run faster, longer and injury-free.
Your expert knowledge was impressive and served to educate and motivate our members.  I am grateful for your support.

Tony C.

When my wife and I were considering a personal trainer, Monica Kuebler received very strong recommendations from two close friends.  From the first (essential) consultation, Monica has done an outstanding job in understanding and helping each of us pursue our own individual health and fitness goals.  I am in my low 60’s and was already doing several cardio sessions each week.  My goals were to learn how to safely exercise on my own to increase balance, enhance limberness, and rebuild core strength. 


Monica combined knowledge, experience, and humor to motivate and encourage me during the twice-weekly sessions that worked for our schedule.  I particularly appreciated her guidance in ensuring I knew how to do the evolving exercises safely, often showing me how to do particularly difficult ones through personal example.  Having just finished our initial 3-month program, the results have surpassed my expectations!  I have made solid progress toward each of my goals, and I look forward to working with her again in the near future.  When it comes to personal training, Monica is a jewel!

Ron O.

I have been a client of Whole Health Elements for over two years.  I consider Monica not only my personal trainer but also my personal “fountain of youth”.  She has helped me to gain strength and to improve my flexibility and balance all of which will help me to maintain functional fitness and my quality of life as I get older.  


She has also put together a walking aerobic program for me so that I can get the most out of the time spent exercising.  Finally, she has also provided me with the nutrition information I need to help me lose weight.  Monica’s number one priority is helping her client reach his or her personal goal(s) in the most appropriate and safe manner possible.  She has extensive knowledge of the human body, how it works and what it takes to keep it functioning at its best.  Monica also has extensive knowledge of human nature and understands how hard it is for people to makes changes in their lives.  Over the years, I have worked with other personal trainers, but none of them compare to Monica.  Anyone who is looking to work with a personal trainer need look no further than Whole Health Elements.

Elaine A.

The nutrition and metabolism presentation you gave was exactly what we were looking for!  Thank you for fielding all of the questions our group had.  You are clearly very knowledgeable of your practice and extremely professional.  I applaud you.  It was very well received amongst the members.  I hope this presentation brings you many new clients (including me!)

Elicia P.

I went from having zero motivation to so looking forward to our sessions.  Monica possesses all of the knowledge you could ask for in a trainer and a huge heart full of compassion and love of life.  This is what drew me to her, more than anything else.  I’ve always felt that she had my very best interests at heart as she helped me to reach for realistic goals.

When we first began working together she would modify exercises to fit my fitness level and as I got stronger the routine would change and continue to challenge me.  She worked out along side me some times which helped me push myself through more than she ever knew.  I consider the time I worked with Monica to be a time in my life where I was at my strongest (mentally and physically) and in the best shape of my life.  I look forward to the day when we work together again.

Karen D.

As a long term client of Whole Health Elements, I would like to applaud Monica for teaching an old dog new tricks!  I am 59 years young and since 2006, I have lost approximately 70 pounds of excess weight that I carried around unnecessarily for 30 years.  


Monica evaluated me from inside out and educated me about my opportunities and goal setting to lose my excess weight to improve my overall health.  My weekly accountability to myself and Coach Monica created the desire and self-discipline necessary for me to establish a healthy personal eating and exercise plan to utilize for the rest of my life.  Sometimes the pie slices of our personal circle of time and commitments fluctuate with life’s demands and challenges.  I've been taught that my body’s condition is not perfect but it is manageable and that I am the one responsible for the success of that.

We all get off track sometimes, but my Whole Health Elements coaching experience has given me the tools and education to always get back in focus when I stray from my discipline standards and need to regroup. Whole Health Elements made me accountable to myself and put the tools in my tool box to allow me to get the “healthy me” job done for the rest of my life!  Their team is outstanding and I guarantee you will feel good about yourself from the day you contact Monica and make your personal commitment to change the rest of your life.

Mark S.

I have been a client of Monica’s from the beginning of Whole Health Elements.  I liked her approach to working on a person’s total health and not one aspect such as fitness or strength.  I have appreciated her listening to my concerns and focusing on what I feel are my particular fitness needs all the while keeping me on the path to overall wellness.  As a person who has somewhat of a fitness phobia, Monica has always put me at ease by explaining each exercise program we begin and reassuring me along the way what this program will achieve and why it is appropriate for me.  Feeling like I approach each new exercise in a safe manner is important to my feeling confident in accomplishing my fitness goals.  Whole Health Elements has given me the opportunity to reach my health and fitness goals in a manner in which I feel comfortable and an environment in which I feel safe.

Paula S.

Luckily I found Monica, she helped me come up with a wellness plan that I can see myself succeeding in, and living with, for the rest of my life.  In four months, I have lost 12 pounds and 7 inches!  I feel better and stronger every day!

Julie P.

The thought of working out with a trainer is very overwhelming, but Monica makes you feel at ease and comfortable.  There is constant praise and encouragement — each step of the way.  And, she truly cares about your success — she listens to your concerns and addresses them with a depth of knowledge that you don’t find with most trainers.  Monica is interested in your total health – mental, physical and spiritual.   Total wellness.  That caring attitude makes taking care of ourselves that much easier and rewarding.

Jayne A.

I have always said “being an astronaut was far easier for me than losing weight!”  As a woman who has for the past 30 years fought to lose any weight, it is clear to me now I had other forces that were beyond my control working against me.  The last 10 years being the worst for me, and even though I have no health problems other than a 230 lb. body in a 5’0” statue on a 60-year old woman, even I know the weight will become a health issue.  So I embarked on a journey to work with Monica starting with nutrition and metabolic coaching.  What have I got to lose, right?  Ok, Monica, let’s get started, bring it on!

My sleep pattern sucked and was so disrupted by me waking up 3-4 times in the night with music, TV jingles, & daily activities dancing in my head, there simply was no room for “quiet”.  Into the 5th evening of my program, the music, jingles, & traffic stopped, and quiet became my BFF!  For the first time in YEARS, I rested in my sleep!


My family and I have noticed a wonderful personality change in me….no anxiety issues that have plagued me for years!  I am softer speaking and so thankful for the daily changes happening and I’m beginning to like me again.  I decided not to worry about losing lbs. instead look at changes by eating the right foods, drinking good water, and following what my specialist asked of me has been a gift to me.  This program allowed me to lose 12 inches in my body and 10 lbs already and it hasn’t been hard!  I feel incredible and amazed at my transformation!   OMG!  MONICA, YOU ARE THE BOMB!  SO NASA…..WHEN IS THE NEXT LAUNCH AND IS THERE AN OPENING FOR AN ASTRONAUT?

Alice S.

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