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Choose The Support That You Need To Thrive

Since you have arrived here, then you are probably beyond frustrated with the chronic and maybe even mysterious health issues plaguing you and keeping you from being the athlete, performer and the person you really want to be.  Right?  I (Monica Kuebler) know what you are feeling, I’ve been there.  


I spent decades of my life, tens of thousands of hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to figure out why I constantly felt stressed, sick, sad, anxious, and had a variety of health problems and symptoms from an early age despite living a “healthy” lifestyle.

Maybe you struggle with:

  • Feeling burnt out, stressed out, have anxiety and/or depression

  • Gut problems such as constipation, diarrhea, bloating

  • Fatigue/energy/exhaustion no matter how much sleep you get

  • A sugar addiction

  • Frustration about knowing what to eat to optimize your performance

  • Constant brain fog

  • Insomnia

  • Chronic inflammation conditions like arthritis, achy joints, sensitive gums/teeth, or plantar fasciitis

  • Regulating your blood sugar

  • Recovering well from workouts or athletic events or stressful life events

  • Getting to and/or maintaining a healthy body fat/weight

  • You are injured too often

  • Your doctor says your lab work is “normal” but you certainly don’t feel fine

Then I would love to help you:

  • Have energy all day long

  • Release your addiction to sugar 

  • Get in control of your gut problems

  • Balance your nervous system to help you ditch anxiety/depression

  • Recover better from stressful situations and athletic events

  • Become more resilient to the stressors that life throws at you

  • Master your metabolism so you can reach your optimum body weight or body fat percentage

  • Be in control of your health instead of just “managing your conditions”

Consider one of my coaching and consulting services below to help guide you straight towards optimum health without having to work so hard to filter through all the other “stuff” out there. You have a life and you want to live it and chronic illness, issues, symptoms, and injuries don’t have to be a part of it.


Introduction, Direction, and Action

This package includes 3 sessions and follow-up support between sessions with Monica to set you up on the right path with a results-oriented plan of action to help you launch into action resulting into leaps and bounds towards your goals in a short period of time. 

After a brief discovery call/email has been completed with Monica and it is agreed upon that you are a good fit for this package, you will complete a detailed health history, provide any recent lab work for review, your current supplement regimen, exercise routine, and a 3-day diet and energy log. 

After Monica completes a full review and analysis of your case, a 90-minute initial session is scheduled.  In your initial session, you and Monica will thoroughly review your health situation and Monica will provide you with her recommendations as well as an action plan relative to all of the elements of health that will get you where you want to go in the most appropriate time frame.  You will receive follow-up support after this session to help keep you on track.

Your second session is a 30-minute follow-up session and is scheduled 4 weeks from your initial session.  You will receive follow-up support after this session to help keep you on track.  

Your third follow-up session is a 30-minute session and is scheduled 8 weeks from your initial session to keep you on track.  You will receive follow-up support after this session to help keep you on track.  

You will also be included in the private Whole Health Community for an additional support option to connect with other like-minded people also walking the whole health path towards their goals. 

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Community, Coaching, Guidance, Support & Accountability


This club membership is for people who want to be a part of a community of like-minded athletic and active individuals striving for an elite level of whole health and performance and/or are burdened by chronic stress and dysfunctions within the gut-brain-immune system complex.  This can appear as:

  • autoimmune conditions 

  • digestive problems 

  • food sensitivities

  • hormone imbalances

  • anxiety/depression

  • metabolic disorders


This club is for people who want to heal from the root causes of their health problems, uplevel their gut-brain-immune health to thrive, and perform to their utmost potential.  It is for active people and athletes that desire to travel the path of whole health not in isolation but with a group of others that are seeking the same level of health and performance at a smaller price point than 1:1 coaching with Monica.      

The VIP Coaching Club membership offers three levels of membership and includes:    

  • Monthly coaching webinars with Monica to help you navigate your way to optimum health

  • Access into the private Whole Health Community to gain the support you need from others on a similar journey

  • Access to Monica's Resource Vault that includes tools, tips, recommendations, protocols, programs, challenges, and techniques all geared to help you facilitate healing and optimum health in your own body to help you achieve your health goals

  • Meal plans, recipes, shopping lists, and more to help you nourish your body while maximizing your nutritional intake in support of optimal health

  • 25% discount code on Monica's Designs For Health Supplement Dispensary

  • Mobile app to access the VIP Coaching Club and everything in it while you are on the go

  • Heart Rate Variability Coaching to maximize your stress response and elevate your health and performance with strategy and accuracy

  • Exclusive content created just for this community

  • Discounts on future programs and products


Coaching, Guidance, Support, and Accountability

Lasting change takes time to implement and a commitment towards action to reveal results.  Coaching packages allow adequate time for significant changes to be implemented, habits to be created, challenges to be overcome, and results to be experienced that will last you long-term.  With a coaching package, you will receive:  

  • Regular coaching and consulting sessions depending on which specific package meets your needs

  • Support from Monica between sessions via email/voicemail

  • Inclusion into the VIP Coaching Club which includes the exclusive community and access to Monica's Resource Vault specifically curated for you to help you reach your goals faster which includes programs, courses, challenges, ebooks, videos, recipes, tips, tools, techniques, protocols, checklists, and more!

  • Functional diagnostic lab testing services are available for those clients who require it for further investigation into their health status before or during the course of their coaching.  Testing fees are additional outside of any package.

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Coaching & Guidance

A 1:1 coaching session allows me the time to give you the attention you need to help boost your awareness, education, and efforts to maximize your progress toward optimal health and performance.  This option is typically used as a follow-up to one of the other coaching packages that are available to you.  The goal of this type of session is to help you navigate over a specific obstacle or through a particular challenge you may be experiencing in your health journey towards your goals without the commitment of a coaching package or the coaching club membership and includes one follow-up email for support.

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