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I am thrilled that you are interested in working with me!  Since you have arrived here, then I would bet that you are beyond frustrated with the chronic and maybe even mysterious health issues plaguing you and keeping you from being the athlete, performer and the person you really want to be.  Am I right?

I know what you are feeling, I’ve been there.

I spent decades of my life, tens of thousands of hours and dollars trying to figure out why I constantly felt stressed, had a variety of health problems and symptoms from an early age despite living a “healthy” lifestyle.

Maybe you struggle with:

  • feeling burnt out, stressed out, have anxiety and/or depression

  • gut problems such as constipation, diarrhea, bloating

  • fatigue/energy/exhaustion no matter how much sleep you get

  • a sugar addiction

  • frustration about knowing what to eat to optimize your performance

  • constant brain fog

  • insomnia

  • chronic inflammation conditions like arthritis, achy joints, sensitive gums/teeth, or plantar fasciitis

  • regulating your blood sugar

  • recovering well from workouts or athletic events or stressful life events

  • getting to and/or maintaining a healthy body fat/weight

  • you are injured too often

  • your doctor says your lab work is “normal” but you certainly don’t feel fine

Then I would love to help you:

  • Have energy all day long

  • Release your addiction to sugar 

  • Get in control of your gut problems

  • Balance your nervous system to help you ditch anxiety/depression

  • Recover better from stressful situations and athletic events

  • Become more resilient to the stressors that life throws at you

  • Be in control of your health instead of just “managing your conditions”

Consider one of my coaching and consulting services below to help guide you straight towards optimum health without having to work so hard to filter through all the other “stuff” out there.  You have a life and you want to live it and chronic illness, issues, symptoms, and injuries don’t necessarily have to be part of it.


Coaching & Guidance

This single coaching session allows me to give you the attention you need and to help boost your efforts in order to maximize your progress towards optimal health and performance in the form of nutrition coaching, personal training, health coaching, or a combination based on your goals, needs, and desires.    

A single session includes a follow-up email to answer your questions.  

If you are interested in this type of session with me, please contact me via the link below so I can find out if we are a good fit to work together.  If I cannot be the best of service for you I am happy to refer you to another health professional that can meet your needs. 

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Coaching, Guidance, Support & Accountability

Lasting change takes time so because of this I need an initial 3-month commitment to your coaching program to allow enough time for significant changes to be implemented and results to be experienced.  In this program you will receive:  

  • Weekly communication, guidance, and support via voicemail/Voxer, email, and video/Zoom

  • A monthly meal plan, recipe guide, and shopping list (gluten-free, dairy-free and sugar-free)

  • Access to my resource vault of health programs, ebooks, videos, recipes, health challenges, tips, tools, techniques, checklists, Heart Rate Variability (HRV) monitoring and more!



Coaching, Guidance, Support, Accountability & Testing

This package includes the 1:1 Coaching Program above PLUS functional diagnostic lab testing for:  

  • Food sensitivities 

  • Toxicity levels

  • Mineral deficiencies

  • Pathogens such as parasites and fungus/candida 

  • Hormone function

  • Digestive function

  • Neurotransmitter (brain health) balance

  • Metabolic Typing

  • RMR and V02 Metabolic Testing (when applicable) 

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