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My fitness programs are designed to guide you towards a fantastic level of fitness with the goal of working smarter not just harder.  Each workout includes appropriate progressions based on the specified level of fitness the program is designed for and a vast variety of exercises to keep you from getting bored no matter where you workout.



Gain Strength, Endurance & Cardiovascular Fitness

This eight-week program is designed for the intermediate athlete.  It is designed to help add strength, build endurance, and improve your cardiovascular fitness with bodyweight-only exercises.  This program includes:

- Three scheduled workouts (Bodyweight Strength Workout; Strength Endurance Circuit; Interval Workout) split over the week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday respectively

- Optional and bonus workouts to maximize recovery and keep moving on non-scheduled workout days

- Personalized assessments are scheduled at the start and upon completion of week 8

- Eight weeks of meal plans with recipes and shopping lists

- Access to my private community coaching group  


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