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  • Three scheduled workouts split over the week (Bodyweight Strength Workout; Strength Endurance Circuit; Interval Workout)

  • Optional and bonus workouts to maximize recovery and keep moving on non-scheduled workout days

  • Personalized assessments are scheduled at the start and upon completion of week 8

  • Eight weeks of meal plans with recipes and shopping lists

  • Access to my private community coaching group 

Can I do the workouts on my own schedule?

You have three workouts scheduled each week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday respectively. You can do these workouts on other days of the week as long as you have a day between workouts. In the non-programmed days of the week, you can to one of the bonus or optional workouts I have included in your program to help you enhance your recovery from your more intense workouts that were scheduled on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

What kind of recipes are in the meal plans?

All of the meal plans include recipes that are gluten-free, dairy-free and refined sugar free. You can certainly substitute and adjust each recipe to your personal diet but I recommend that for those seeking optimum function and performance that they eliminate gluten, pasteurized dairy products, processed foods and refined sugar from their diet.

Is the coaching community group on Facebook?

Nope! You will access it through your online training platform (it's called Trainerize) when you purchase your program. Super simple and super cool! It's a great place to share info, encourage each other, connect with me and more!



I liked the scripted workouts and the video quality of the exercises was very good.

—  Connie T.

"I liked being able to access Monica's coaching group, the workouts, the videos and the meal plans directly through the app on my phone. Very user friendly especially because I don't do tech well. The workouts were tough but doable and challenged my fitness level a lot despite not having to be in a gym to do them and using my own bodyweight."

—  Anonymous

“The meal plans gave me lots of new tasty ideas to try in the kitchen.  I learned a lot about my metabolism through Monica's weekly messages.” 

—  S.K.